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Unpaid Invoice Collection Service


Have you got a customer that won’t pay? Got better things to do than spend your time chasing them, but don’t like to feel you're being taken for a ride?

CreditXS is an online business debt collection service from My Credit Controllers. There’s no fee until we sucessfully bring in the late payment. If you choose we can add our charge to the total the debtor has to pay you.

So there's nothing to lose, why not fill out our online form now and let CreditXS take the strain? It only takes two minutes to hand over your worries.


Help collecting an overdue invoice


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help with customer that won't pay an overdue invoice


How we Help with Late Payers


You tell us about the overdue invoice using our simple online form.

Our qualified, professional Credit Controllers oversee a carefully designed programme of contact with the debtor to quickly achieve payment into your account. Our experience is that most late debts are settled quickly once the customer sees that it has become serious.

You have a statutory right to claim interest and compensation on late commercial payments. Compensation includes reasonable recovery costs, which can include our fee.

My Credit Controllers can see the process the whole way through to claims court in the small number of cases that require this.



Business Debt Recovery Service

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help collecting unpaid overdue invoices


What our Debt Collection Service Costs

We invoice you a percentage of the gross value of the money we collect including for staged or part-payments by the debtor.

You have a legal right to add interest and administrative costs to late payments, so (unless you instruct us otherwise) we add our fee and your late payment interest to the debt to be collected. If the debtor pays it all, you can take advantage of our service without being out of pocket yourself.

If we don’t collect any money for you, you pay nothing.

The fee percentage is based on how overdue the invoice is when you submit it. You've really got nothing to lose, why not tell us about the business that owes you money right now?



Days late when submitted







Our Success Fee







In the small number of cases where the customer does not pay in full, costs for claims court are in addition but we inform you of these before you decide whether to proceed with court action.






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